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OPEN DAY - THURSDAY 5TH JULY - 9.30 TO 11.30 A.M. & 1.30 TO 3.00 P.M.
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Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School

Our Faith



Holy Communion 9th June 2018

Holy Communion 9th June 2018 1

Parish School's Newsletter Spring 2018

St Hubert’s Roman Catholic Church


We are extremely fortunate to have the church of St Hubert’s, just a short away along the same road as the school and we all feel very much a part of the parish life.  The church was constructed to the design of Edward Pugin, from, it is believed, the winnings of the racehorse Kettledrum owned by Colonel Charles Towneley of Towneley Hall, Burnley in the 1861 Epsom Derby The Toweneley stud was at nearby Root Farm.


The church was opened on 2 May 1865 by Bishop Richard Roskell of Nottingham. The medieval font was originally from the ancient church at Burholme near Whitewell. The east and west windows are by J. B. Capronnier of Brussels and date from 1865.


The middle west window depicts St. Hubert who is the patron saint of hunters, as a huntsman accompanied by a stag. The Forest of Bowland was once a royal hunting forest. According to legend St. Hubert’s conversion to the Catholic faith took place on a Good Friday when, while hunting a stag, he saw a vision of a cross between its antlers and heard a voice telling him to seek instruction in the Christian faith. In 705, he became Bishop of Maastricht, later of Liege.



The school was built by the same family a year later.


Click here to visit our Church website.  St Hubert’s feast day is 3rd November.



Thorneyholme is one of three Catholic primary schools who are within the Parish of Our Lady of the Valley.  The other two primary schools are St Mary’s RC Primary School, Sabden and St Michael & St John’s RC Primary School, Clitheroe.


Click on the following link to view the current Parish Schools Newsletter:

On Wednesday 4th October 2018  the three schools came together to celebrate Our Lady’s birthday and the start of the new school year at St Mary's Roman Catholic church in Sabden.


Religious Education in School


‘The children are nurtured into caring for their locality and the wider world in an exemplary manner. The beautiful local environment is used to superb effect to enhance spirituality, yet the community is far from insular as it reaches out to work closely with other schools on a variety of projects.’

Salford Diocese Inspection 48 Report, June 2017 


Read the full report here: 

  • The warm family atmosphere that has been created by this close-knit, caring school community.
  • The wonderful behaviour and attitudes of the children.
  • Outstanding prayer and worship that enhances the spirituality of all.
  • The global outlook of the school that affirms Christian stewardship. 
Our Vision and Mission:

Our child friendly version:


At Thorneyholme…


 …we help each other to do our best and make the most of our talents, in the way that Jesus taught us.


We will...


 ...make Thorneyholme a safe and exciting place where God’s love shines for all to see. We will make sure that everyone can do their best, celebrating every step as we grow together following the footsteps of Jesus.


Have a look at the important dates for this term and how you can support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of your child at home by clicking on the following link: 

The school is helping to take care of our common home, (as outlined in Laudato Si’) through different child-led ventures.  To find out more about Pope Francis’ letter letter, Laudato Si’ please read the following: