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Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School


At Thorneyholme we believe that the curriculum is a powerful tool that promotes a love of lifelong learning, as well as personal growth and development. 


We use the National Curriculum as a starting point for a wide and varied learning experience for our children. We ensure that all children have a broad, balanced and relevant education which encourages the highest standards of achievement by all pupils, regardless of ability, gender and or social background.  Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged; developing their knowledge and skills. 

We aim to teach our children how to grown into positive, responsible people, preparing them for life as effective British citizens.  As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, we give children the opportunity to explore global issues within their curriculum. Children therefore learn about issues such as Fair Trade, Land Mines, Refugees and Endangered Species.  We enrich it by our strong Catholic ethos based on the Gospel values of respect for ourselves and others, equality and a sense of wonder and awe at the world we live in.  


“The extensive enrichment activities form part of what the pupils learn every day. These are highly engaging and contribute to the rich and memorable curriculum."



Curriculum Aims


  • Enable all children to understand that they are successful learners and to have a positive attitude towards learning, so that they enjoy coming to school.
  • Create a stimulating learning environment where all pupils are encouraged to ask questions and be risk takers.
  • Provide opportunities for  children to develop their intellect including their social and emotional development.
  • Encourage children to develop their own personal interests.
  • Fulfill all the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Agreed syllabus for Catholic Religious education.
  • Teach the key skills in the revised National Curriculum: Communication, Application of number, Information technology, Working with others, Improving own learning and performance and Problem-solving.
  • Enable children to be creative through art and design technology, drama, dance and music.
  • Teach children to have an awareness of their own spiritual development and to know what is right and wrong.
  • Help children to be healthy, to enjoy sport, appreciate the importance of a healthy life style and the need to take care of themselves.
  • Teach children about Britain’s cultural heritage, how the environment and society has changed over time and the importance of British values and British citizenship.
  • Inspire children to be positive citizens in society and to feel that they can make a difference.
  • Encourage children to have respect for themselves, their society and to live co-operatively with others.
  • Provide opportunities for children to understand the wider environment through outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Teach children life skills; the ability to communicate with a range of audiences, the understanding of risk awareness, confidence and willingness to try new things, to be enterprising, appreciate diversity, how to challenge injustice, recognising how to sustain and improve the environment and to be able to try to change things for the better.
  • Provide opportunities to explore the interconnections between people and places around the world, to observe the similarities and differences that exist around our world today and relate these to our own lives.




For further information about the curriculum please look under the Pupils’ Zone or contact a class teacher at the school.