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Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School

School Values & Ethos



Together we inspire excellence and a love of lifelong learning, under the umbrella of God.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide a happy, safe and inspiring environment in which we live by the values of Christ. We will enable everyone to fulfill their potential, utilising their gifts and talents, establishing firm foundations for life.


Our Child Friendly Version


At Thorneyholme...


... we help each other to do our best and make the most of our talents, in the way that Jesus taught us.


We will...


... make Thorneyholme a safe and exciting place where God's love shines for all to see. We will make sure that everyone can do their best, celebrating every step as we grow together following the footsteps of Jesus.


Rights, Respecting School


At Thorneyholme, we understand what the Convention of the Child Rights is and how everyone, everywhere (locally and globally) have rights.  We live these rights.  We know what responsibilities we have in order to ensure others can access their rights.  We help, through charitable and other means, others who still do not have these rights.


Thorneyholme is recognised as a being a SILVER Rights Aware school by UNICEF. The Silver Award acknowledges that our school community is fully aware of the articles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) and that these articles are reflected in the school's ethos, practice and environment.


'Opportunities for effective pupil participation and engagement are extensive at Thorneyholme. 
The voice and participation of the pupils is taken seriously by adults across the school.
Inclusion and the celebration of diversity are key features of the school. 
Children and adults described very positive and mutually respectful relationships across the school.
Numerous structures are in place to promote mental health as well as physical wellbeing. 
The children have regular and well planned access to current news which becomes a stimulus for discussion and action.'




Read the full report below.

RRSA Silver Award Inspection Report 2018

Convention of the Rights of a Child