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Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School

Mission & Vision

Together we love, dream and believe under the umbrella of God.


Our vision is for our school family to feel happy, be safe and live by the values of Christ.       We will become well-rounded citizens of the world by showing curiosity and taking responsibility for all that is around us, both at home and away. We aim to develop our dreams and beliefs by aiming high in all that we do, allowing us to use our gifts and talents to let our light shine.



The Mission and Vision was compiled from key wording and ideas taken from children, parents, staff and governors. 


WE has been used as it is not just the children or the staff it applies to the ENTIRE SCHOOL FAMILY.


In the Mission, we love God and each other, not only at school but as a whole world full of God’s people (John 15: Love one another as I have loved you). We have dreams of what we want to achieve and all that we want to do. We believe in God, and other beliefs such as: we should all respect one another and we should take care of our world.


Our united Vision is that the whole school family will feel happy and safe (wellbeing and safeguarding are paramount) and with Catholicity being at the core of our school, we will live by the values of Jesus Christ.  We will become citizens of the world who have tolerance of others, show respect, desire to actively participate in current affairs and abide by the laws (expressed in Canon Law 795). As Laudato Si’ is our vision too – we will be interested in and take responsibility for what is around us at all levels: local, national and global. 


We will all drive for high standards and have high self-expectations in all that we do, which will allow our dreams and beliefs to be developed.  For example, we can develop our belief in God through real efforts to connect with God, through prayer, living out His words through the actions we display in life.


And finally God wants us to use our gifts and talents, and as a school our vision is to encourage all people (the entire school family) to use them, to serve God and to serve each other.