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Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School

Gardening Club

Gardening Club's Latest News


The Gardening Club have worked incredibly hard. They have planted a ‘forest’ of sunflowers behind what will be the wild flower meadow and filled the special growing tubs with capillary matting triangles and tomato compost to plant the summer crops. There are tiny sweet cherry tomatoes right through to beef tomatoes now in situ in the poly tunnel alongside the chilli plants, and when big enough the pepper plants will join them. Both the potatoes and cabbages are growing. The succulents have bloomed for the first time with beautiful stems of flamingo pink flowers. The fig tree has a lovely crop of figs on it, and the children are excited to try these, and to share them with all the children in school. Well done to all! Mrs Nikki Stockdale

UPDATE 20th May 2022


Once again the children have worked incredibly hard. We have replanted the wellies with summer bedding plants and have put new plants and new soil in the junior mini garden.


The boys have planted two buddleia bushes (one white and one purple) in the hope of bringing butterflies into the school field.



We didn’t get time to plant the fruit trees and bushes that I have (hopefully we can create a grazing fruit orchard over where the plum tree is) but we can do that next time.


Once again special mention to Bea and Frank for being top waterers, Owen and James for being strong hole diggers, the girls (Daisy and Celia) for flower planting and bulb displays and Dominik for being his cheerful self.


We have place the Jubilee themed barrow on the verge near school. Lots of purple and silver. Hopefully the bulbs hiding under the plants mean that it will retain its theme over summer.