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Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School

Hothersall Lodge Residential

A fantastic and exhilarating time was had by all of Year 5 and Year 6 Residential Trip to Hothersall Lodge.  The children learn’t many new skills and brought back many memories!


Hothersall Lodge is a good environment for developing life skills and if you want to know them read on.




When you are down in life, friendship is very important. Having friendships gives you many things like: care, joy, love, passion and last but not least, hope. At Hothersall Lodge you are encouraged to make new friends but not as in a forcing way, they sit you on different table,s with different people that you do not know.  Perhaps they could be from a different school.




Hothersall Lodge does a lot of teamwork as it is a big part of skills needed for life. Sometimes you can get quite mad and shout at people; when you are in a team Hothersall Lodge does not encourage that but if you do get to the point of blowing with anger tell a supervisor and then they won’t tell you off but they will help to sort it out.  You can learn from your mistakes better when you haven’t been shouted at but just worked the problem out nicely.  Then you can improve on teamwork much better than the last time.


Positive Thinking


Positive thinking is something that you will definitely need throughout your life. At Hothersal Lodge you will need it to get over your fears. Flying through the air on the big zip wire, is an example of when you will really need a lot of positive thinking because it is quite high up off the ground and it is very long. However, you do not have to do it if you do not want to.




As you progress with your time at Hothersall Lodge, you will start to have more an more trust in quite a few things like : the instructors and the equipment. It is very important to trust. There are a lot of trust exercises including been blindfolded and being taken across a big drop with people either side of you.  You need to also trust the people that are guiding you. Trust me, Hothersal Lodge is definitely the best place in the galaxy for anyone developing any life skills that life can throw at you.


Jack Brown